History and methods of work
Since 1978, as a business highly focus in construction and renovation for public and private sector, AFC is strengthened today in the international market like a trusted partner for his customers, granted by their own "Made in Italy" acknowledgement.
The AFC operating procedure is a transversal approach to the whole life cycle of the project able to guarantee professional results aligned with the market requirement and thanks to their qualify management an accurate attention to cost saving.
AFC, a unique partner from technical drawing to construction facility:



Foto-omini-ING-okOur team
Team works the success key point of AFC, professional and human experience with strong values:

- Compliance with the commitments

- Problem solving

- Customer Satisfaction

Product & Services: these are implemented through a CRM approach taking care of the customer during the execution and after sales. The close cooperation with the other areas of the company allows us to produce feasibility studies from A to Z so customers can better plan their projects and investments.
We developed co-marketing activities with the partners of the group.

Business Plan: we provide a complete analysis of financial investment and cost involved, mainly with an accurate activities of cost controlling for each project.

Technical Support: a full technical team in charge to study and deployed execute project. We provide technical, quality and design solutions aligned with customer satisfaction. We are also able to guarantee all the safety conformity by the law concerning building material and authorizations.


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