Approach of AFC
Maintenance is a service that includes all the technical and administrative procedures aimed at maintaining or restoring a state of maximum efficiency in a structure.

Maintenance is divided into:

- Maintenance: set of interventions that have the purpose of bringing a plant from a state of malfunction by one of perfect efficiency

- Routine maintenance: the works necessary to maintain in good condition the entire building can be improvements or corrective

The actions that make up the maintenance service are varied in nature, including:

- Analysis of the structure

- Monitoring and Planning of supplies of materials

- Execution of work


Proposed Plans
AFC France provides three different programs:

Maintenance: team work daily in this structure to solve problems every day. The team leader is responsible for drawing up a list of malfunctions encountered and to deliver daily to the technicians who act promptly ensuring maximum efficiency of.

Scheduled maintenance: AFC develops a schedule monthly, quarterly and annual basis that takes care of preventive interventions on the plants. This program also allows you to be in compliance with the registry of security.

Unscheduled maintenance: the company offers a budget planning on the extraordinary work of renovation of the property can also increase the value.


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